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our dang: हाम्रो दाङ



map of Dang district

Dang, the gateway of mid western Nepal is 411 km far from the capital city of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu.  This distance takes up to the Traffic Chowk in Ghorahi Municipality, the headquarter of Dang. Ghorahi & Tulsipur are two major cities of Dang. Both cities are considered as municipalities.

शहिद उमेश चन्द्र थापा को स्मृतिमा बनाईएको गेट

DANG & DEUKHURI are 2 valleys in Dang district. DANG valley is one of the largest valleys in south Asia.

There are 2 municipalities and 39 vdcs, which are listed as follows:


Ghorahi , Tulsipur

Village development commities are: गा.बि.स.हरु

Manpur, narayanpur, saudiyar, bijauri, pawannagar, urahari, bela, rajpur, satbariya, chailahi, Rampur, saigha, syuja, phoolbari, purandhara, panchakule, hapur, Dhikpur, Laxmipur,Dharna, Baghmare, lalmatiya, tarigaun, Duruwa, kavre, halawar,koilabas,gadhawa,hasipur, Gobardiha, and so on…..

HOW TO REACH TO DANG????: कसरि पुग्ने होला?

Anyone can simply reach to dang. You may use air service. Airport is in Tarigaun , a bit south to Tulsipur Bazaar. Micro, Day, Night services are available on bus. MICRO counter is in SUNDHARA, KTM. Then you have to leave ktm valley through kalanki. Kathmandu- dhading-chitwan-nawalparasi-rupandehi-kapilvastu is the route for Dang. Dhankhola in shivapur is boundary of Kapilvastu and Dang. N now u r in dang. Bhalubang and Lamahi are two main places in DEUKHURI. From lamahi i.e. arjun khola north is to GHORAHI and west is to  KOHALPUR in Banke District to mid western Nepal.

Lamahi is around 25 km far away from ghorahi. And so ghorahi to Tiulsipur. From tulsipur north is to salyan. And west is to surkhet. U may go to Banke through the south of tulsipur using rapti highway passing amiliya. Do you know???? Tulsipur is the Zonal headquarter of Rapti Zone.





DANGALI feel PROUD on: हाम्रो गौरब

  • Dang valley, the largest valley in s

    outh Asia.

  • Ambikeshwari temple: it lies in ambapur. This temple is very famous in rapti. This is related to the story of SATIDEVI as in swasthani.
  • 12 kune:this lies in Ghorahi-5 Bangaun. It is famous for Barahadev. In maghi festival there is anannual fair.
  • Rihar in satbariya
  • Chamere cave in halawar
  • CHAHARA in purandhara
  • Pandaveshwar in Dharna.
  • Jhakhera lake in Deukhuri
  • Kalika malika in bijauri
  • Nepal Sanskrit University in Manpur-9 Beljhundi

Major Rivers In Dang: प्रमुख नदीनालाहरु

Agriculture of dang is mainly based on the rivers in dang.

There are several rivers and rivelets in dang. Most of the agriculture is based on canal irrigation.

Some of them are:




Katuwa khola   sisne khola

Babai khola                                           chouwa khola

Sagram khola                                        guhar khola

Ranighat                                                    Patu khola

Arjun khola, etc…..

MEDIA in Dang:-

Some of the media house in Dang are :-

  • Naya yougdodh National Daily
  • Goraksha  National Daily
  • Soochanapatra weekly
  • Rapti samachhar weekly
  • Jana Ubhar weekly
  • Radio swargadwari 102.8
  • Radio tulsipur 100.2
  • Radio Madhyapaschhim 91.4
  • Radio deukhuri  105.8
  • Radio indreni 92.4
  • Radio Sarayu Ganga
  • Radio Ganatantra Rapti
  • 2 more are being broadcasting from Tulsipur
  • Dangali are also in touch with radio and newspapers being published and broadcasted out of Dang.

-Santosh Giri.

Manpur 1, Jinuwagaun Dang.


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