दाङ : नयाँ नेपालको राजधानी

Dang: Capital city of new Nepal

BWS tips button देश  कुन्नि के जातिमा प्रवेश गरे पछी दांगलाई  नेपाल को राजधानी बनाउने   हल्ला छ। सायद यसै कारणले गर्दा पो हो कि दाङमा घर घडेरी जोड्ने को लर्को लामै छ। सबै ले जग्गा किन्न थालेका छन्। Housing  ब्यबसाय पनि फस्टाएको छ ।

यस्तो हल्ला चलिरहदा  दंगालिहरु को फरक फरक विचार आउन थालेका छन् । केहि विचार हरु मैले राख्ने कोशिस गरेको छु :
  • दाङ अन्न को भण्डार हो । ठाउँ मा घर बनाए दाङमा मात्र होइन पुरै मध्य-पश्चिम मा  भोकमारीको पर्बल सम्भावना छ।
  • आहा कस्तो राम्रो! अब त हाम्रा पनि दिन आउने भए । कामको लागि पनि काठमाडौँ जानु पर्ने समस्या समाधान हुने भयो । आफ्नै घर ठाउँ मा बिकाश हुने भयो ।
  • यी त केहि प्रतिनिधि विचार मात्र हुन् ।  हामी सबै मिलेर दांगलाई बिकशित बनाउनु पर्छ । .  राजधानी  न बनेपनि राजधानी भन्दा बिकशित बनाउनु पर्छा।
    नेपाल संस्कृत बिस्वबिध्यालय
    —-सन्तोष गिरी   मानपुर -१ जिनुवागाऊँ  (  Santosh Giri, Manpur-1 Jinuwagaun Dang, Rapti,Nepal.)

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16 thoughts on “दाङ : नयाँ नेपालको राजधानी

  1. Dang can b devlupd as turis spot as a cultural & geogriphal 6tor. Local mus invest in midle scale industry rathr than realstate to preven frm eco crisis..

  2. Today i feel very proud of being part of dang .whole page is very interesting and i want to thank that person who lunch this web site .honestly u did very good job and keep it up .As i have been away from my country for nearly 5 years i miss my country very much luckly today i was checking for naya yougbodh newspaper so that i can know about my home town but when i found HAMRODANG i feel very homely ,those days are back again ……

    1. thanks 4 ur comment n complement…
      i don think, i did great work. i just explored my idea. i am on process for developing this page. in the near future, we all will get some change….
      keep on visiting….

    2. thanks for ur comment with complement
      we are improving ourself more…………….

  3. Thank You so much for giving information of our DANG in Website. I have been in foregin country from long time. Today i have got a chance to be close with my nation and memorise my previous. keep it up….

    1. bharat ji
      thanks gor ur comment with complement
      your wishes are source of inspiration for us (me)

  4. lots of thanks and i really appreciate that i got to knwo about my birth place even being far from dang(nepal). keep it up.

  5. नीमकान्त डांगी (दाङ तुल्सिपुर) सेप्टेम्बर 23, 2010 — 10:46 अपराह्न

    राम्रो लाग्यो

  6. Today i m very happy and unbelivable for our dang ghorahi.
    Thanku for all dears.

  7. This is very nice way to connect our Dangali friends around the world, please to request all of friend wherever you are but think once at our birth place how do we help to develop our motherland.

    I tried to get a support for education sector while i were at Canadian Cooperation Office in Nepal, i had requested lots of sector but got a financial support at Pashupati Primary School Tarigaun about 10 lakh and Shree Primary School at Kutechour Dang about 22 Lakh from Canadian Office at Kathkandu, i was very angry when Maoist member took 40 thousand from that school project. After that all my dream turn wrong-way anyone have any question about it you can ask headmaster of those school.. who is Tandan????

    now political situation has been change if all party agree to support such things i want to work again and want to support our dang same things i want to request from al Dangali member around the world help as much as you can.

    Thank you,

    NB Tandan
    Halwar-7 Dang

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